Green Community Residents and Homeowner Testimonials

Why homeowner testimonials? Tierra Pacifica is gathering an eclectic, well-traveled, thoughtful group of people who have seen much of the world and have decided that Tierra Pacifica is the place they want to purchase land and build their dream home. These green community residents let their reasons do the talking about why they are calling Tierra Pacifica – Guanacaste’s premier Environmental Estates – their home.


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Will and Ann

“Our house in Tierra Pacifica was completed in January and we were excited to go down, furnish it and just relax.  Ali (our daughter), her husband, Jacob and their daughter, Sienna (1 ½ years old) came down and joined us once the house was ready. It was great for all of us to spend time at the pool getting better acquainted with the other TP residents. Margaret (aka Gammy) even managed to find bridge partners to play cards with in the afternoons.

Jacob is also a surfer, so we enjoyed showing him and surfing the great spots in the area. We also enjoyed the nature that Tierra Pacifica has to offer. Little Sienna, can now make the same sound as the howler monkeys do (or at least she thinks she can).

We capped off our trip by having a gourmet dinner at Villa Deveena.

We cannot wait to return to Tierra Pacifica.

Pura Vida!”

Dana and Rob Kaleta

“We felt the importance that the property be developed with an environmental consciousness that other area developments lacked…Beyond the first impression of a beautiful property in a beautiful location, Tierra Pacifica impresses us as a community that is committed to ‘walking the walk’, to insure the preservation of the environmental elements so important to the region. We want to live in a neighborhood that embraces the local culture and community, which is a part of it, rather than a place apart from it. Our decision has evolved into something very different from our initial interest in living somewhere warm and sunny near the beach. Tierra Pacifica has a multitude of potential rewards that we never anticipated.”

Jim and Marina
“It is a ‘Local’ development by people who live and are committed to the community and are in it for the long term, not just a development business to get in, build and get out again. The best part is that it looks like it’s going to be a whole lot of fun!”

Sally Philips

“I had just started looking for a retirement property and was very impressed by the fact that Tierra Pacifica was working with the environment rather than challenging it. I feel we are likely to have fewer problems downstream if we go with the flow rather than try to swim upstream.”

Judith Donovan

“The idea of community was so appealing. I believe very strongly in the importance of a supportive community and this was all expressed without us asking. I also love nature and gardening and the fact that this was so respected was also appealing. In contrast, other places we had looked at were cutting down all the trees with no mention of wildlife.”

Keith Jones

“The infrastructure is underground and in place in this well-planned community within a beautiful surrounding area and beach. We felt secure in the area and all of the people that we met were either owners or developers who were very friendly and seemed to be interested in the same things we are.”